About us

Zena Kennedy Foundation Inc., is not for profit organisation, was established to provide support for underprivileged and destitute children of all races and religions; it is entirely reliant on private donors for all its operations and receives no Government funding.

Named in memory of the late Mrs. Zena Kennedy, whose generous bequest to the de Vos family in Melbourne, Australia enabled the commencement of this project, the Foundation is financed & backed by family and friends, and a growing list of interested supporters.

The Foundation goals are to enable the way to an independent life of choice that only a sound education can provide.

Underprivileged children are assisted to develop into productive young adults by the provision of the best possible education, training & development.

English is pivotal to our Learning Program.

1. Sponsor education for underprivileged children 2. Foster children’s literacy and education 3. Facilitate English Literacy

Utilizing our network, we identify children who have a desire and aptitude to study and provide the necessary support to ensure that they can access the educational system appropriate to their needs.

For example, for English language education we assist in seeking out and placement of the child in the most suitable program available depending on their location.

Rural locations are more difficult as facilities are greatly lacking. This often means that the child will have to travel a great distance to school and transportation must also be arranged.

Further we monitor the progress of the student by:
Regular updates from the educational provider that pinpoint any weakness and strengths of the student.

Children in the Chilaw & Putlam District in Sri Lanka are receiving support for their education. Further they are being subsidized for their daily living requirements.

In other areas of Sri Lanka we are also supporting children through various learning programs.

Below is a model of the types of expenses that are incurred:

  • Enrolment fees for courses
  • Tuition Fees for programs
  • Uniforms and books

Further, we discovered that many children were going to school on empty stomachs and that many others received very little consistency in meal provision. Children who did attend school were lacking energy and the power to concentrate.

Therefore we felt that in order to assist with the children’s education we needed to provide a more wholesome support system that would give the children a better chance of success.

The provision of some food items became the logical solution to this problem.

Some essentials food items that we provide include:

Milk -powder, fruit and vegetables, dry ingredients like lentils, rice and flour.

In Sri Lanka, the Foundation manages and administrates all the funds provided.

We receive regular progress updates from the education providers.

We liaise with the children on a regular basis to follow up on their progress as well as to provide further support and motivation and encouragement for the students. This provides the student with opportunity to report any problems or issues that may arise and we are able to provide positive solutions.

Many children are unable to study well because when they return home from school they have many duties to perform in the household and this is a distraction to their studies.

We consider it vital to our program that the parents, guardians or next of kin of the child provide encouragement and motivation for the child’s studies and that they in fact promote a suitable environment for the child to study in. Hence we only provide support to children whose parents or guardians are thoroughly committed to our goal.

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