Family Story
Began in 2001

When we first met Ruwan he was working as a Tour Guide. Later he joined our team and became our Foundation’s representative in Sri Lanka. In recent years, the Foundation sponsored him to complete his studies to qualify as a practicing lawyer. In doing so, we undertook a family support program for the duration of his studies, of approximately 2 years.

His eldest son, Manusha, continues been sponsored by the Foundation for his education in English medium. From year to year his performance has been of the highest level, achieving the 1st or 2nd position in class each year. He excels in Maths and Science and has aspirations of studying either computer science or engineering at University.

Hirusha who is 13 years old, studies in English medium and has also excelled at school- again, like his brother achieves the 1st or 2nd position in class each year. He aspires to become a lawyer like his dad.

Both children are avid readers and have a great desire to achieve excellence in their academic life.

In the coming years, the Fernando family will be in a position where all their children will have professional qualifications which will provide many career opportunities. They have expressed their desire to assist others who are financially challenged, to receive a sound education. It is their way of “giving back” to other who are less fortunate.

RUWAN is another pleasing example of how education and support
Can provide empowerment and success.