Sewvandi’s Story Began in 2009

Sewvandi has successfully completed her Bachelor of Business Administration Honours at the Eastern University. She is now studying for her Masters of Business Administration. It’s been her dream since she was eleven. Simultaneously she also works Full Time in Colombo. She travels to work each day from her place of lodging to work about 3 hours each way to and from her home.

Sewvandi was 11 when she came into our care. One of 3 siblings, she had been abandoned by their father and left to be cared for by their sickly mother. They live in a mud floored hut without electricity and other amenities. Her future looked bleak as her mother was unable to care for her physically or financially.

Her mother had lost her job as a factory worker due to many seizures she suffered at work. She then commenced working in the fields harvesting vegetables, to sell to the villagers. She earned approximately $30.00 a month, which barely provided for basic food items.

She again suffered a seizure whilst working, was injured and had to stop work altogether. Then she became completely reliant upon an elderly relative in her village to provide food for her family.

Sewvandi’s mother, determined that her children receive a sound education, placed her in our care. Our Foundation stepped in to enable this dream by providing day to day care and education for a period, followed by sponsorship of the balance of her Higher School Education to Advanced Level. Beyond that, to study at Eastern University for her Bachelor of Business Administration Honours.

Sewvandi has now completed her Degree and has secured employment with with Canada Gateway, as a Business Executive.

She will then be in a position to support her mother who can no longer work and has no pension to rely on.

Sewvandi is another pleasing example of how education and support Can provide empowerment and success.